When will it end? The blight of copyright.

copyrightyoursongsfor35When it was first invented copyright lasted 14 years. But ever since the invention of copyright authors have been trying to make it last longer, and have succeeded in doing so. Now copyright lasts until the author dies plus 70 years.
Why has it been extended so much? And why does copyright still exist after the author dies?
Well the author doesn’t benefit…… their dead. But the company that owns the rights benefits tremendously. They can go on and on re-releasing new editions of the authors work, making millions in the process.
I find it ironic that one of the biggest supporters of the extension of copyright and one of the biggest bully’s in terms of copyright infringement is Disney, a company that had huge hits with works that weren’t under copyright (Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, Pinocchio, etc.) at the time.
This extension of copyright has led to a world with much less creative freedom. I mean think about it, if copyright stayed fourteen years long we may not have had to live through the many crappy sequels and prequels that we have recently been bombarded with from Hollywood.

Thanks for reading, comment you thoughts.


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