Viva la Blog

blogFor years the audience has been told they need to shut up and listen. Even if the audience wanted to be heard it was almost impossible to do so with the formats they were using. I’ve talked about medium is the message before and the message that television, radio, newspapers and magazines all send is, “listen to us your opinion doesn’t matter”. Things have changed though with the internet. People who were once passive viewers are now are now able to interact, discuss and create. The internet is in fact dialogic by design; it enables anyone anywhere to spread their message to everyone without having to go through a ‘gatekeeper’. The thing about being able to actively participate is that it’s addictive, once you’ve tasted that freedom there’s no going back. And this can be seen in the stats in 1995 1% of the world used the internet jump to now and 40% of the world is now using it, that’s around 3.1 billion people. Of those 3.1 billion over 152 million people have their own blog. No longer are we the passive audience, we now active participants, Viva la Blog.



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