A Hawkeye Perspective On Womens Rights


For years the issue of how women are portrayed in popular media has been a source of debate among the public. The Hawkeye initiative started as a single post on tumblr and then quickly grew and in 2012 was turned into a blog to contain the mass of content being created. The Hawkeye Initiative brings to light the inappropriate way in which female characters are illustrated in comic books and video games. It depicts the character Hawkeye, and other male comic book characters, in poses and costumes that are used exclusively for women characters.

Comics and video games depict many powerful and strong and intelligent women characters that would usually be a great example to girls and women. Unfortunately most of the characters end up being an example of what is wrong with the way women are portrayed in society. And can be likened to another famous example that has been a source of debate for decades, The Barbie doll.

The creators of these female characters always seem to have an argument though, however absurd it may be. The main arguments that I have come across are that the majority of their audience are young men who have no problem with the way women are portrayed, and they’re just giving their audience what they want and that the male characters are drawn in the same way.
Concerning the first point it is not only untrue-ish as 47% of comic book readers are female But it is also an unacceptable attitude in a world where women are still fighting to be seen as equals and not sexual objects and I would argue that the creators are not only doing a disservice to women, but also to young men who get a distorted view of women.

To the second point I can actually kind of see where they argument may be coming from as the male characters are also drawn in a fashion that you could argue is unrealistic. That is where the similarities end though because as the Hawkeye initiative shows the men just aren’t put in the poses that the women are.


If you want to read more of the types of excuses people commonly give check out 10 Stupid Arguments People Use To Defend Comic Book Sexism here http://io9.com/10-stupid-arguments-people-use-to-defend-comic-book-sex-1636381824
The Hawkeye initiative allows people to contribute to this debate in a unique way by using their artistic ability, and a good dose of humour to depict male characters in the absurd and hyper- sexualised poses and outfits used to illustrate women characters.
For more interesting comments on the debate of sexism in comics see:

Once again guys thanks for reading and I’d love to know what you guys think so feel free to comment.

References for pics:

1st http://hoursago.tumblr.com/post/37002842830/for-real-though-look-me-in-the-eye-and-tell-me

2nd http://thehawkeyeinitiative.com/page/50


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