Why is the News broadcasting Video Games?

VID NEWSRecently I was shown a story about how a Danish news station had shown still from Assassin’s Creed mistaking it for the Damascus skyline. I was curious to see if there are any other mistakes like this that had been made, and I was shocked at what I found.
In 2011 the BBC used footage from the videogame ARMA 2 in a report. The ARMA footage was shown as an IRA attack on British troops. A year later the BBC used the United Nations Space Command logo from Halo, while doing a news report on the ongoing conflict in Syria. A Canadian newspaper, CanAsia Times also made the same mistake. And finally (though I’m sure there’s more) Russian news station SophieCo used a still from Metal Gear Solid V while doing a story on child soldiers.
After seeing all the mistakes that have come from these so-called professional sources, I wonder why we still go to them for our information.
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