tflipThrough the use of twitter celebrities are able to gain and maintain a huge fan bases, giving fans access there ‘real’ or ‘uncensored’ selves….. well some of them do.
The fact is if you’re following a major big-time celebrity on Twitter then in all likelihood when they tweet they either have someone employed to do so or have a team consulting on doing so. Even celebrities that tweet themselves are always conscious of the persona that there trying to maintain. So for anyone to think that they’re getting a real look into the celebrities life, through the use of Twitter is naive. Celebrities do hold a lot of power though in the use of twitter, a scary amount of power. Out of the top 10 most followed Twitter accounts excluding websites or apps 6 of them are pop stars. WHAT THE HECK! I think it says something sad about our society when there is only 1 person on the list that (in my opinion) is actually worth following, obviously Bieber (ad sarcasm here).
Anyway mini rant over thanks for reading and if you want to have a laugh at some celebritys misfortune on Twitter have a look here-http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/22-hilarious-responses-celebrities-twitter


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