Nothing but Net

grant 1

Alright Grant so if you just like to tell me a bit about yourself…
Well I am 6’1, I weigh 165lbs, (laughing) no, no alright I live in Wollongong, I’m originally from Kiama, a lot of hanging out with my mates and I love playing basketball.
Alright, so what is it you love about basketball?
Well, it’s a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of satisfaction ball in over and over again, and being able to dunk on somebody. I love the swish of the net. Basketball’s always been a great stress reliever, something I can do to clear my mind during a hectic week.
When did you stop playing?
When I was six.
Alright, was that with your family?
No. They didn’t really like basketball.
Okay, so has that changed?
In what way?
Will now they all play basketball.
Alright, cool. So you have little family matches?
Yeah, we get pretty competitive. It’s always been me and Lloyd (brother) against Ellie and Sophie (older and younger sisters). (Laughing) we always beat them.
So where do you think your love of basketball came from?
I’m not sure I guess it’s grown from playing and I guess you see the NBA and you’re like, ‘that’s really cool, I want to do that.’ You get to see all the players be really good at basketball, and I guess that kind of became a dream that I’ve always had not because of the money, but you kind of have no limit to what you can achieve.
Alright, so did you have a natural kind of talent for basketball?
Oh my gosh, I had no natural talent whatsoever. I was that kid who was just the worst that all sports. Basketball was the only one where I could kind of do something and because I loved it so much I trained at it and I’m still training. You know at the start like my dog Molly was probably better than me, from the age of 6 to 14 I couldn’t do anything, pass or dribble or shoot, nothing, but I loved it so I stuck with.

grant 2
Okay, so was basketball being a team sport part of something that appealed to you?
Yes and I guess. It’s good because you can play with your mates and without them. So if you’re not getting on with them you can just play by yourself. Even though it’s fun as a team, at the end of the day there’s just you and a hoop.
You talk about your mates; did basketball give you a place where you could make some friends?
Yeah, especially at uni now I’ve started playing their and I’ve made a good ten, twenty mates. You know never met them before, but through basketball have been able to become really good friends.
Alright I guess we’ve heard a lot about your love of basketball. What are the other passions you have?
Umm, hanging out with mates, music, I love Chilli Peppers. I guess I don’t have many passions but what I am passionate about I’m very passionate about. Quality over quantity I guess, yeah.
Alright thanks for talking with me Grant, it’s generally cool hearing a bit of your story, Cheers.


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