Our Right To Tweet

freedom of speech

Freedom of speech has been a very important issue throughout history, especially for journalists. Always be the problem of backlash over what you’ve written or big companies/individuals trying to get you to be quite.
Recently the debate over free speech was brought into public light over Scott McIntyre’s tweets on Anzac Day. The SBS presenter first tweeted:



And then went on to tweet:



Shortly after these tweets Malcolm Turnbull Tweeted in response that the tweets were “offensive”, “inappropriate” and “despicable”. He then texted SBS managing director Michael Ebeid to alert him and SBS then promptly sacked McIntyre. Many people are now asking if SBS made the right decision. A lot of people are happy with SBS’s decision to sack McIntyre agreeing with Malcolm Turnbull that his tweets were “offensive” but there are a lot of people arguing that McIntyre had every right to say what he tweeted as he has the right to free speech.
When I first heard about Scott McIntyre’s tweets and sequential sacking I agreed that yes Scott McIntyre has the right to speak free speech but I thought as he was a journalist associated with SBS, and a lot of people were offended by his tweets that SBS did have grounds to fire him. After looking at what he actually said though and then looking historically I found what he was saying is for the most part the truth. Some people would then argue that it was the timing of his tweets that made them ‘inappropriate’, and to that what I would say is that if he had not said it on Anzac Day then it wouldn’t have created so much discussion and less people would have looked for and found the truth.


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