Is There a Future for Journalism?

Recently I talked to 4 first year Journalism students, Kurt, Codie, Matt and Eddie, about why they decided to be journalists and if they were concerned about being able to find a job
When asked why he decided to become a journalist Kurt explained that he believed, “Every human has a right to be treated as an equal, and be provided with equal opportunities within their life.” However he believed a lot of the issues in our world are “plagued with an undercurrent of ambiguity and sensationalism; people only want to listen to what is culturally relevant to them”. Kurt then continued, “I want to provide coverage and reflection on events that are plaguing our world. Journalism provides me with the capacity to do so.”
Codie simply stated she was studying journalism because her teachers said she would be good at it and thought it would be an “interesting career option that would open a lot of different paths.”
Matt told me how he wanted to get into journalism because he wanted to create pieces that “focus on social issues that can help improve society by educating people.”
Eddie said he decided to study journalism because he wanted to “learn to write at a professional level” and that he has “always been interested in news media.”

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When I asked about any anxiety’s they had about job security as journalists a certain pattern emerged through most of their answers.
Kurt describes the journalism world as a “high vicious cycle. We struggle to get a job within the industry, then we may struggle to hold onto this job, and so we are then placed right back at square one.” He says that it can be “quite unnerving at times to think about”, however he is sure that he would adapt quite quickly.
Codie told me she was anxious about not finding a job because of the competitiveness of the career. She explains, “It’s a small journalism market and everyone wants the same jobs and I always doubts my abilities.”
Matt stated, “I’m terrified of not getting a job I love journalism and believe that it can do a lot of good but it’s a harsh job market.” He also said he thinks, “Blogging makes it really hard to get a paying job as well. It’s beginning to feel like Journalism is more of a hobby than a career.”
Eddie told me he thinks it’s increasingly hard to be a journalist today with “the emergence of the internet as the dominant media platform… as it has saturated the market with citizen journalism and it seems like there is an oversupply of journalists.” He doesn’t believe he won’t get a job though stating that he believes “that anyone who really wants to find work will find work in Australia. There are plenty of jobs in our country if you are willing to work hard.


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