Media Space: The Final Frontier


As I sit at my computer and type, my face one again illuminated with the familiar blue hue of the desktop screen, I will admit that I may spend a little too much time online. Like most of us, my day always includes checking up on all things social media, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. When my daily routine may differ from the norm is in the 4+ hours of Youtube and gaming. Please note that when I say ‘four hours’, I’m being conservative, Four hours is a good day. It is not unusual for me to spend whole days (and nights) sitting in front of my computer with my only brakes being the short trips to the bathroom or fridge. It is suffice to say my media space plays a huge part in my life.

Through the use of Youtube I’ve been able to find people that are creating entertainment that I love, and have been able to connect with people they love the same content as I do. Through using things like Patreon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc, I have been able to also fund some of the content that I love, and have had direct influence on some of the content being made. Through my online gaming I’ve found a whole different bunch of friends. Whether I’m playing with friends I know from out of the game or people I’ve met in game I’m able to connect on some level with them about our shared experience of playing the game.

It’s plain to see a huge part of my life is online, in the virtual world, and it seems like this is becoming truer for most of us. Is this a bad thing? Is it time for us to head outside and enjoy the real world? Personally I’m gonna wait until the real world updates graphics.




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