TV Flashback


I love television, for as long as I can remember it has been my go to source of entertainment and an ever present dinner guest. TV has always been a big thing in my house, I mean at last count in a house occupied by just my Mum and myself there are four TV’s, if we got two more we would have a TV in every room. With this in mind I had a chat with my mum, Lucinda, about her memories of TV growing up.

It would seem parents have been using TV to distract their kids for a while now as Lucinda’s earliest memory of TV, is sitting down on the floor watching Playschool while her Mum did the ironing.

In terms of TV shows, when she was younger, Lucinda remembers watching shows like, Romper Room and Humphrey B Bear. When she started getting to school age though, Lucinda remembers watching Disney movies on a Sunday night, but they weren’t exactly the types of movies I thought of when I heard Disney.

“I don’t know if they were really appropriate for kids. I would have let you watch them. They were usually like Westerns, or documentaries usually showing animals hunting. As a six or seven-year-old, they could be a bit frightening.”

In terms of watching television when Lucinda was a bit older everything was determined by her mother. “Mum ruled the roost, so we usually watched the news. Everyone would only be allowed to start watching once she had sat down and was ready.”


Having to share a room with her brother growing up, Lucinda remembers the rude awakening that came every Saturday morning at 6 AM. It was the sound of the Thunderbirds theme song erupting from the small television they had in their room. “I remember waking up and I’d moan, ‘Urrgh, Thunderbirds!”

One of Lucinda’s fondest memories is watching sport on the TV with her Dad.

On Saturday all the shops used to shut at at 12 o’clock, and so did Dad’s office. He used to come down from flick on the TV and put on the sport. He’d watch any sport that was on, that was where I got my love for AFL and netball.

My mum’s experience of TV when she was growing up is quite different to my own in a lot of ways, but we both experienced the way that TV can bring the family together to share in the experience.


Huge thanks to my Mum for letting me write about her experience.

Thanks for reading



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