DIGC202: Global Nervous System


This week I learned about the Evolution of the Global Nervous system. As I was hearing about the Telegraph I was transfixed by this image-1901_Eastern_Telegraph_cables.png

As I looked at this image I couldn’t help think, “Jees that’s a lot of cable!”

In 1858, the first telegraph cable was laid across the Atlantic Ocean but it wasn’t an easy task.

There was heaps of problems trying to lay this much cable the biggest issues being, 1. The longer the cable the weaker the signal ends up, and 2.Who’s gonna make that much cable?

It took five attempts to lay the cable, the cable snapping on 3 of those attempts. The cable was successfully laid though on the fifth attempt, the first message was sent on the 16th of August. It read, ‘Europe and America are united by telegraphic communication. Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, goodwill to men.’

It stopped working later that year.


References: http://www.theiet.org/resources/library/archives/featured/trans-cable1858.cfm


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