Cyberpunk has always been a familiar term to me, but not until recently did I actually know what it meant.

These two words successfully sum up cyberpunk…

“High tech.  Low life.”

Cyberpunk focuses on a high-tech future full of androids, body modification, virtual reality, and universal Internet connection.  At the same time as this high focus on technology, it focuses huge social division with megacorporation’s ruling, giving little thought to morality, public safety, or the average person in society.

Cyberpunk lets us see into the lives of these average people living on the outside edges of the high-tech society that has been established, and see them question the authority of the world they live in.

As I familiarised myself with the world of Cyberpunk, I found that a huge number of the shows, books, movies, and games carry many of the tropes associated with it. Movies like, Akira, Johnny Mnemonic, Blade Runner, shows like Almost Human and Mr Robot, even the Rpg Shadowrun I’ve been playing weekly for over a year.




One thought on “Cyberpunk

  1. Natasha Nikoloska

    I found this very interesting, i like how you you’ve included examples of books, movies that you can relate back to it would have been perfect to add an example of a movie scene that you have mentioned.



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