Where is the line between life and work? I am sure this used to be an easy question, one which people could answer without serious contemplation. Now though that question has become and is becoming harder to answer, as the line between work and home life blurs, but is this a bad thing?

Ever developing technology means everyone is connected everywhere. This means many workers have the ability to do the same work whether at home, work or on the move.  Many would see this as a positive as workers can escape the four walls of their work cubicle, but the argument could also be made that being connected to their work is a bad thing. For some having distinct barriers for their home and work is important. Having a specific time and place where your total focus is work, and then being able to plan around it.


2 thoughts on “Blurred

  1. alex933

    First of all love the meme! (It does kind of grate on me though that that is not actually what he is saying in that moment. Yes, yes, I’m a massive nerd) I agree that constantly being ties to our work is a good thing on an economical, business level but very troubling on a personal level. As human beings we need to have leisure time (despite what some people will have us believe) to refresh our brains and bodies. It’s important to find a balance of work and play. “You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.”

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  2. Natasha Nikoloska

    This is something that everyone will have a different opinion towards although work from home sounds amazing i know people currently doing just that would love to be in an office once in a while. The plus side is sleeping in and working when you want although as you mentioned some have distinct barriers between home and work which means a work at home life style will not be suitable for everyone.



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