The Choice to Choose


The other day I overheard an interaction between a woman and the staff at a café. The café had a tv playing with subtitles, for people to watch when they waited for their coffees. The local news came on, and in a blur the woman bolted up to the counter and asked that the station be changed because she didn’t want her son who was with her and must have been around 12/13 to see what was happening on the news.

I mulled over this scene in my head throughout the day, slightly perplexed as I grew up surrounded by the news, if it wasn’t on the tv or the radio, people were discussing it around me, and for the most part I just ignored it because the news is boring, especially when your younger.

But anyway this choice that was taken away from this kid to see the news, reminded me of the restrictions that websites like Facebook put on what its users can see. Just like the mother of this kid these sites makes the choice as to what we can and can’t see. The similarities don’t stop there though as just like the younger me, when most people hear about this and learn about the sites with more freedom they still tend to go stick with the curated sites.

Oh and by the way, I pass no judgement on the parenting of the woman I referred to; I have no idea how to raise a kid, so good job to her for keeping him alive!


One thought on “The Choice to Choose

  1. Clancy Carr

    Ah, the argument of ‘nature vs nurture’ is a bitter and indistinguishable one. Will kids grow up pessimistic and fearful if they’re too quickly subjected to the real world?

    This article has a neat little guide suggesting the types of news to allow children to see at different ages. An interesting and real example of real world restrictions on media, and in an abnormal setting, too! Nice work.



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