The Struggle


I’m in quite a weird spot studying digital media and journalism at the same time; both seem to somehow slightly contradict one and other. Quite a few times I’ve come right from a journalism lecture where the lecturer assured students that yes journalism is changing but with hard work you’ll be able to get jobs, into my digital media class with the lecturer asking why anyone would be so stupid to study journalism, awkward to say the least.

My journalism lecturer is right though, journalism is changing, I just think it’s changing more than they think. The main question we have to ask is, why would someone pay to get the same thing they can get for free? Most of the time, and I mean like 99.99% of the time they won’t.

So knowing this, why am I studying journalism? Well, realistically I don’t plan on getting paid to be a professional journalist, but there’s heaps of stuff that I want to do that use the skills that I’ll learn through it.

I’m just hoping the digital media will be a good fall-back….


One thought on “The Struggle

  1. Clancy Carr

    Okay, this meme genuinely got me. I think the future of journalism lies in covert use of marketing and smart partnerships with advertising companies that allow the websites with articles on them to get a loyal readerbase that is happy to turn off their ad-blocker to support the website they love. Alternatively, you have services like Patreon allowing you to directly give money to creators (inc. writers) who provide content congruent with your own interests.

    Then, of course, you have subscription models which some sites employ as paywalls but the response to those has been mixed from the industry:



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