Just One More lvl



I’ve played videogames for as long as I can remember. Some of my best memories from my childhood are of my Dad and I playing 007 Golden eye on the Nintendo 64. My love for gaming has only grown as I’ve gotten older, along with the number of hours I’ve put in.

In my late teens I started to delve into the world of online gaming, mostly just because it was easier to play with my friends than for any of us to go over to that persons place. What I’ve realised playing online now for a few years, is that there seems to still be this stigma around online gaming and the gamers. People seem to think that gamers still all fit into the stereotype of a white, socially awkward nerd, and that’s really not the case.

For my digital storytelling project I plan on looking at the digital space of online gaming, looking at the people who fill that space.

What do I want to know more about?

I want to learn about what motivates the people to use this space. What their experience of the community that fills that space has been like. The social rules of the space, and how/if there enforced.

Who will your collaborators be?

Thankfully I know a lot of online gamers, of all shapes and sizes, so hopefully I’ll be able to talk to them.

What kinds of digital platforms might help you explore and present what you find?

Well I’ve been looking at a few of the game forums and getting immersed in that space, as well as asking questions. I think I’ll present my story on this blog, it works for what I want to do and will look pretty good hopefully.




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