A Hackers Life for me?


This was a funny week, I learnt about hacktivism and whistle-blowers, and as I read more articles and thought about the hacker ethics and I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have been a hacker in a past life or something. I don’t know what it is but all of the values and thinking around hacking just seemed to talk to me, free information and the game like thinking, it just sounds fun… I may have even gotten into an argument about Edward Snowden with someone.

It’s a shame that I have no Hacking skill at all though, or maybe it’s not. As hacking becomes more and more a thing and not just something that happens in movies like War games and the Matrix, people and governments are becoming more extreme when it comes to how they think and treat hackers.

Maybe I’ll just stick to blogging.


3 thoughts on “A Hackers Life for me?

  1. Ryan Catbagan

    Great approach to the week’s topic reflecting on your own interest on hacking culture rather than simply just re word the lecture. Your use of humour is really good i Woulda loved if you went into further depth about the hacking lifestyle like in the first paragraph, wouldve definetely been further funny content on top of this, but ye good post! loved the meme too


  2. Clancy Carr

    Sticking to blogging is a comfy idea. Considerably less legal ramifications, at least in this country! I think the idea of hacking is definitely ‘cool’ in most circles; see Hackerman here, look how cool he looks!: https://carroftheoverflow.wordpress.com/2016/10/08/the-hackermen/

    ‘… activism is utterly impossible if you have no way of keeping track of your fellow activists and of forming even weak ties with them’ is a wise piece of advice though, which makes whistelblowers paramount to their causes; a willingness to martyr and become a symbol.



  3. Noelle

    Hi Hayden! Your approach to this week’s topic is good, I love how your posts are short and sweet but they get the message across. But it would’ve been good if you explained Hacktivism a bit more, have a look at this website http://www.computerweekly.com/opinion/Hacktivism-Good-or-Evil it provides good information on hacktivism and basically how it started, its purposes and why hacktivism happens. It provides both positive and negative aspects about hacking, which is always good to see both sides of things! Overall, good post and your meme is definitely 10/10.

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