Staying Digitally Clean


This week we looked at dark fiber, hackers, botnets, and cyberwar, and the examples that we looked at were huge things, like the hacker group LulSec who hacked companies like Fox, CBS, and Bethesda, and the Stuxnet the cyberweapon that infected thousands of systems.

I thought for this week I would look at the stuff that we were more likely to have to look out for  on the internet, in doing this I enlisted the help of someone who has worked in IT for over 30years, my Dad.

So whats the most common thing we should look out for?

The most common thing I have to deal with is spamware. So something will pop up, usually pretending to be antivirus software saying that your infected with thousands of viruses, and then once clicked will install their usually nonfictional antivirus software and charge you for it, and then they’ll request access to fix your computer and keep charging money for nothing.

So what can us normies do to minimise our risk of getting infected?

First off, if something pops up and you’re not sure if it something already installed, don’t click it. Other than that stay off porn and ware sites, there the worst for pop ups that will just start installing crap. There are always other ways to get your porn or your wares.

Also if someone Emails you and says they need your help with moving millions of dollars, don’t believe them.


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