This is The End


So it’s the final week of blogging for Digc202 and we’re looking at the internet of things (iot). So I guess to start off I’ll explain what I mean when I’m talking about the iot. The iot is about connecting any device that’s connected to the internet, from your phone to your toaster, and interacting with you and among themselves.

To show an idea of what a future of the iot looks like we looked at a concept video by Ericsson showing a guy interact with a bunch of the appliances in his house. I really like tech so it seemed like a pretty cool idea for the future, certainly it looked like a very comfortable lifestyle. After looking at hacking for two weeks though, I’m a little weary of that future concept. The potential damage someone would be able to do is scary, and it kind of makes me want to go and live in the wood hut in the middle of nowhere. My new life in the wilderness was put on hold though as I remembered a video I’d watched in which skilled hackers compared to trained martial artists. In both cases the chance that either of them is going to randomly attack me is highly unlikely.


5 thoughts on “This is The End

  1. NoWayImHuman

    I like how you have linked this last topic to the pervious topics we have been discussing. After the course of the lectures I too have looked at the Internet of Things with caution in regards to hackers and all the other dark wonders on the online world. This source I found highlights how easy it would be for hackers to invade the Internet of Things, something you may find interesting ( But for now lets remain positive and hope for the best and that it doesn’t happen to us anytime soon.


  2. Clancy Carr

    Well I don’t think I’d worry about most hackers proficiency in hand to hand combat.

    ‘Internet of things’ is conceptually quite incredible, and perhaps terrifying, but I can’t help but wonder how our country in particular can embrace such a change in the way we live with our woeful infrastructure. I mean, I’m on the fraudband™ at the moment and my speeds, so too those living near me, regularly drop down to about 4Mbps which is woefully inept. I can imagine my home security system not letting me inside because the connection is down, for example (though I’m sure there’d be backup programming).

    Here’s a neat illustrated, if perhaps hopeful, look at the future of IoT:


  3. t

    I really enjoyed your take on this weeks topic and your comparison to martial artists haha! I think the whole idea of IOT is a kind of weary concept – it makes you worry about having every appliance connected to the internet and whether it does put you at more risk (especially after talking about hacking). I think everything Internet related is just going to continue progressing until everyone is completely immersed in it


  4. liv tartaro

    It’s interesting that after learning the ins and outs about hacking for the last two weeks how it impacts our thought process when it comes to devices designed to make our everyday life a breeze. At the first thought, having a device which knows everything ill be doing that day and preparing me for it sounds awesome.. then when you think about it a bit more, it sounds scarier knowing what hackers are actually capable of doing.



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