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Will it Cube?: Putt Putt


Sounds We Remember From The Past

Have you ever noticed that many of the digital devices that come out now use/include old/original sounds from the original product? For example when you take a photo on an iPad it makes the sound of a camera shutter, even though the iPad doesn’t use a shutter on its camera.
See companies have worked out that we associate sounds with products, and a problem lots of people seem to have with digital technology is that it has no ‘soul’. Adding these sounds that we are familiar with though, helps people become more comfortable and gives the product the ‘soul’ that it was previously missing.

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Why is the News broadcasting Video Games?

VID NEWSRecently I was shown a story about how a Danish news station had shown still from Assassin’s Creed mistaking it for the Damascus skyline. I was curious to see if there are any other mistakes like this that had been made, and I was shocked at what I found.
In 2011 the BBC used footage from the videogame ARMA 2 in a report. The ARMA footage was shown as an IRA attack on British troops. A year later the BBC used the United Nations Space Command logo from Halo, while doing a news report on the ongoing conflict in Syria. A Canadian newspaper, CanAsia Times also made the same mistake. And finally (though I’m sure there’s more) Russian news station SophieCo used a still from Metal Gear Solid V while doing a story on child soldiers.
After seeing all the mistakes that have come from these so-called professional sources, I wonder why we still go to them for our information.
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Six seconds that changed music

At university this semester one of the topics we learnt about was remix culture. We looked at various examples of works that had been remixed and formed into something new, from ‘Edward vs Buffy’, to the works of Banksy. The interesting thing we learnt about though was the ‘Amen break’, never heard of it? Don’t worry neither had I. The ‘Amen break’ is a six second break beat and is the most used piece of sound ever, to show you common this beat is I’ve created a list of the 5 songs most well know songs that feature the ‘Amen break’.