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636x460design_01It seems like every day I will inevitably come across something while I’m channel surfing or scrolling through Facebook that I had no plan to watch or read, but nevertheless am drawn in somehow. Most recently, I found myself just having watched a documentary on the story of Jonas Salk and his discovery of the polio vaccine with no idea how I had got on to it in the first place. Most of the time these curiosity driven escapades though quite interesting yield no ‘useful’ information, there have been a few times though where my curiosity has paid off. One of most useful times was when, curious to find out what my Great Grandmother’s life must have been like living in Poland during the Second World War, I watched a documentary on the Warsaw Ghetto’s. Later that same year I had an assignment for history which focused on The Warsaw Ghetto’s and because of my curiosity for that subject I was able to produce a high quality piece of work and receive one of my best marks that year.

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Whats a time Curiosity has led you to learning something that ended up being surprisingly useful? Post in the comments