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I’ll be the first to admit that in a few moments of weakness I have succumbed and taken a selfie. (Please don’t think any less of me.) I’m sure most, if not all of you have as well, it’s something that a lot of us have just taken on as part of our everyday, even for me someone who doesn’t post on social media very often (helpful if you’re a BCM student…not) and I’s also a bit camera shy, the amount of selfies I get dragged into by my friends could fill a photo album.

When I think of the word selfie I would be lying if my mind didn’t immediately go to teenage girls making duck faces in front of the mirror, trying to get gratification from the hundreds of followers they have on Instagram. What I’m discovering this week as I take a closer look at the selfie though, is that, that image is probably a caricature at best of your average selfie taker.

So where do we start when looking at the selfie?

Well I find the beginning is always the best, but where is that?

Well we could argue that the first selfie was by Parmigianino back in 1523 when he created Self-Portrait In A Convex Mirror, but when we think of selfies I think we think of cameras, so that would take us to Robert Cornelius in 1839, who had to first put the film in the camera and remove the lens cap then sit back and remain perfectly still for one minute. That was just to take the picture; he then had to process the film. The earliest use of the term selfie though was in 2002, and I would argue that is when the selfie as we know it came to be. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that it was an Australian to first use the phrase; we have a bit habit of shortening words.

On 13 September, at 2:55 pm, Nathan Hope (Hopey) went onto an online forum to ask about the dissolvable stitches that were in his lower lip. They were dry and uncomfortable. After a bit of chat back and forth, the account user known as ‘My Evil Twin, Beryl’ asked him how he came to get these stitches, and at 3.19pm, he typed in reply:

“Um, drunk at a mates 21st, I tripped over and landed lip first on a set of steps. I had a hole about 1cm long right through my bottom lip.”

He then posted a ‘self-photograph’ showing the stitches in his lower lip.

And then he continued writing, and posted, the very first written use of the word ‘selfie’,

“And sorry about the focus, it was a selfie.”


From this humble, and slightly humours beginning, the selfie has now become a global phenomenon, with people all around the world sharing there selfie’s. I’m sure most of you have heard at least one news story about how selfies are ‘evil’, if you do a quick google search you can find dozens of articles about how selfies are a sign of narcissism, or people are all becoming addicted to selfies, or even that selfies can give you wrinkles.

There seems to be a lot of fear being pushed on us about selfies, and the really sad thing is that like a lot of what the media sells us the fear is unwarranted.  Take for instance the stories of selfie addiction.

Martin Robbins, a science and culture journalist argues, that individual cases of selfie use and abuse “being reported by private doctors who make money from treating the conditions they describe” quickly turn into indictments of culture at large.

As for if selfies are a sign of narcissism, I would say further research needs to be done. As far as I can find the closest any research has come to showing that it does is in a 2015 polish study, that looked at 1296 men and women, and showed that there was some correlation between being narcissistic and posting a larger amount of selfies in the men that were part of the research. Another study done at Ohio State in 2015 though, showed there was no such link.


Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts down in the comments.







I am Vinz, Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer. Volguus Zildrohar, Lord of the Sebouillia. Are you the Gatekeepper?

No but seriously, I’m Hayden, and I’m sure like at least a couple of you I finish my degree this year, yippee!

I really love board games and card games and video games, really all types of games, so I’m really excited to see everything that happens in DIGC310. I also really like films, if that’s not already obvious from the Ghostbusters reference.

Anyway, I do wish we could chat longer but,… I’m having an old friend for dinner. Bye.

Reflection: Digital Storytelling

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Gaming has always played a huge part in my life, and more recently I’ve really enjoyed online gaming, and the space that it creates. Everything online has that away but together aspect, and you can see that really well through online gaming. I might be playing by myself and then I’ll get a request from someone to help them with a raid and I’ll end up spending like 2 hours playing with that person that I don’t know, or I might simply be walking along in game and see a bunch of people having a dance party, so I’ll join in. For me online games have really just created a space for fun, a place where I can let my hair down, metaphorically speaking. It was this love of online gaming and the space that it creates that drove me to my research topic, looking at the way online gamers actually are in comparison to how they’re shown to be in the media.

Who and why?

I interviewed three people who where all online gamers, and all with slightly different experiences, and viewpoints. As well as my three interviewees I included my story and experience, as a practice of reflexivity, to show where I was coming from in carrying out this report/ storytelling piece.


giphy rage.gif


I had initially planned on having a face to face interview with all of the people I talked to, but that plan fell through, with all of us either having uni assignments due, or working, a double whammy of Hagerstrand’s constraints . Meeting my interviewees was made even harder as even when I was free at the same time as one of them, I wasn’t able to get to them as I have no car. I ended up only having one face to face interview, and then I used the questions from that, and just sent it to them on Facebook. I had also planned on talking to another one of my friends, but unfortunately the combination of uni assignments and work meant that they had no free time to take part.


The platform

I decided to use my blog for this task for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s the format in which I’m the most comfortable writing in, and I’m also really starting to enjoy using my blog and seeing where I can take it. Secondly, I just thought the format would work well for the piece I wanted to create. Finally, I wanted to see feedback from those that read it, and get ideas for how I can improve, and also see if it works in showing the people behind online gaming.



I was surprised, looking at peoples answers, at how different some of our experiences have been, I can’t imagine me ever having to worry about people finding out my gender, and harassing me because of it, but that something Laura feels she needs to do to have fun while she’s playing, I’m curios as to if this is a common thing that females have to deal with, sadly I think it might be. I was sure there would be some overlap in all of our experiences with online gaming, but I wasn’t expecting all of us, to various extents, to see that the medias portrayal of online gamers is very much exaggerated.


Usefulness to the media industry

In a perfect world I would love to think that, from seeing these peoples stories that media would stop depicting online gamers in such an unrealistic manner, grouping a huge group of people and showing them all as this one caricature person. Realistically, I think that my project could show that online gamers make up a huge group of people that you can target as an audience. If one company/station whatever started creating content for that audience, and made an effort to be accurate with their depictions of gaming/gamers, they could potentially gain a huge following of loyal followers.

Further research

I really want to know if Laura’s experience with online gaming and the measures she has to take to be able to play the game without being harassed because of her gender, is a thing that a lot of female gamers go through. I think it’s important that we look into that issue, as females make up around half of the people playing, and that’s a lot of people.

Digital Storytelling: Online Gaming


Image source: https://plus.google.com/+NathanielClay/posts/BoFkvhko3nd

Before anything I would like to give two facts I think are important to know before you read anything else.

  1. Of the 1.6 billion people online, 44% play online games
  2. Approximately 50% of gamers are women

Being a gamer, and more specifically an online gamer, I noticed that there is a trend for the media, whether it be television, movies, or the news, to portray online gamers and broadly gamers as a whole, in a negative, unrealistic way. It seems bizarre to me that this is still happening today, because as you can see from the statistic above, online gamers are hardly a minority group, in fact if we look at gamers as a whole they make up almost 20% of the worlds population.

Through interviews with online gamers, and personal reflection on my own experience with online gaming, I hope to show a realistic picture of who an online gamer is and what the online space is like.


Will,29 aka Voluntarius


When did you start online gaming?

I started playing when I was 17.

Why did you start?

I got into it because a few mates thought it would be fun to play online, and it would be a bit easier than everyone organising meeting up.

Why have you continued?

I have continued playing because I enjoy the variety of games that are online and the different people I have met through online gaming.

What game/genre do you play the most?

The genre of games that I play the most is rpg (Role playing games).

Do you tend to keep to yourself, just play with friends, or interact with other players?

I tend to do a bit of all of them; I enjoy playing with friends the most, but I like being able to play alone or with new people. It’s always fun seeing how other people play.

Has your experience with people online been positive or negative?

My experience with other people online has been genuinely positive. I do occasionally get the annoying people but it’s rare.

Do you think there’s a negative image of online gamers that is portrayed in the media?

I think the image portrayed is usually exaggerated quite a bit. But I don’t think it’s been overtly negative.

Do you think you’ll continue gaming online in the future?

Yes, I will be playing online in the future, I’m looking forward to seeing how the games and the community advances into the future.

Finally do you have any stories about online gaming/ interacting with others online that you want to share?

Haha! No. I really have anything interesting to say about experiences online.


Laura,20 aka ltreglo1.


When did you start online gaming?

I started online gaming when I was 10 years old.

Why did you start?

I started because my older sister, who is three years my senior, was already doing it so of course I had to play them too. It is because of her that I am interested in games. I would always sit and watch her play the X-box or the PlayStation, but I was never allowed. But the computer we had was our parents so that was the first console/device I was able to play games on.

Why have you continued?

I have no idea. I waste so much time because I am just addicted. It gives me the escape that I love and as an avid reader I love the imagination involved in a lot of the fantasy games. I did have to cancel my World Of Warcraft subscription at the start of university because it was getting out of hand how much I played it, but I did buy myself one month recently and remembered just how much I loved it.

What game/genre do you play the most?

If I had my way the only game I would need to play is World of Warcraft, but that is expensive because you have to pay a monthly subscription. I do love Tera because it is very similar to WoW and is free which is always a bonus.

Do you tend to keep to yourself, just play with friends, or interact with other players?

When I was younger and playing I was very confident, I was actually a guild master (it just makes me laugh to think about it now) and had a large group of friends who I always did raids and quests with. However now I am a solo player, if i want to do a raid I just go with randoms, which always bothers me because it is never as good as with friends. I do still try and interact with other players when I get the chance in hopes of making friends, but it hasn’t happened within the past few years.

Has your experience with people online been positive or negative?

Overall my experience has been positive, it has been fun and definitely overshadows the negative that does happen. As a female player I find there are a lot of lewd and sexual remarks made on the public chats. But the bad always has a louder voice than the nice and there are still genuinely nice people online. But because of this and trying to protect my enjoyment of the game I don’t tell people my gender, age or name.

Do you think there’s a negative image of online gamers that is portrayed in the media?

Definitely there is the image that we are slackers and incapable of being and existing within normal society. There is the stereotype of the hermit who is only awake at night, but that isn’t true for everyone. I know most people who look at me would not assume that I was a gamer. The gaming community is growing, so of course there are people like that who are hardcore and really into the games to the point of being creepy, but most people are just normal people who enjoy playing games.

If yes, what would you say to people that haven’t played?

I tell people just to try it because everyone will find something they like about a game. It combines all the great elements of facebook,books, and tv and movies. You can’t judge something that you yourself haven’t tried.

Do you think you’ll continue gaming online in the future?

I will definitely try and continue gaming, but now that I am out of school it is getting harder to fit the time in around work, university, friends and sleep. It will probably just be the case of not being able to play for such long hours in a row.

Finally do you have any stories about online gaming/ interacting with others online that you want to share?

This year one of my non gamer friends tried playing a mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role playing game for the first time, at a lan (local area network) with me. That was pretty fun, and hilarious.


Clancy,20 aka OfTheOverflow


When did you start online gaming?

I started online gaming in 2010.

Why did you start?

I started because I was geographically isolated from friends out in Greenwell Point (a half hour drive East from Nowra).

Why have you continued?

I have continued because it is some of the most fun you can have at home, and it’s a good way of chatting with friends while mutually playing a game.

What game/genre do you play the most?

I probably play FPS (first person shooters)/Rhythm games/racing games equally.

Do you tend to keep to yourself, just play with friends, or interact with other players?

It depends; while playing PS4 console I’m usually playing with friends, but on PC I’m by myself at the moment.

Has your experience with people online been positive or negative?

I don’t usually chat to randoms, but when I have it’s all been mature and friendly but that may be due to the games I play being catered to a more mature audience.

Do you think there’s a negative image of online gamers that is portrayed in the media?

Absolutely a negative image, not entirely undeserved. The guise of anonymity allows immature people to be assholes, especially to women for some reason.

If yes, what would you say to people that haven’t played?

Just give it a go, or at least talk to a gamer.

Do you think you’ll continue gaming online in the future?

I will absolutely continue; I’ve literally have a match of Battlefield running in another tab.

Finally do you have any stories about online gaming/ interacting with others online that you want to share?

Way, way too many hilarious memories and stories to list. I have hours of clips that I’ve not uploaded just on my HDD. This one’s a classic for me though:

‘Keanu’ is Kezza6421, meant to be the magnet for C4 but our other friend got launched a millisecond later by it instead



Hayden,20 aka Flopsy


When did you start online gaming?

I have played games pretty much my whole life. I can still remember playing Snowboard kids on the Nintendo 64 with my Dad. I would have only been around 4 at the time, but in terms of online games I would have started when I was around 16 years old

Why did you start?

I started out just playing Call of duty, Battlefield and other Fps’s like that, just because heaps of my mates were playing them and I didn’t want to be left out.

Why have you continued?

As I continued gaming online and off, my love for it grew, and when I realised that you could play a lot of my favourite types of games online I was hooked. If I was playing a game online it not only meant I could play it, but usually meant I could also hang out with my mates.

What game/genre do you play the most?

I play a bunch of different games in all different genres, but I guess at the moment the game im playing is the mmorpg Tera. I think the genre I play the most would probably be rpg’s, I just love the idea of creating your character and then progressing through the story, getting stronger and stronger.

Do you tend to keep to yourself, just play with friends, or interact with other players?

I think I’ve done a bit of all three. I love when I can find a time where me and some mates can all be on at the same time and play together, but that’s not always easy with uni and work. Usually I’d say then that I just keep to myself, a lot of the time it’s just easier that way; that’s not to say that I don’t play with randoms, a lot of the games I play have part where you have to play with others, and most of my experiences with that have been really good.

Has your experience with people online been positive or negative?

As I said before, most of my experiences have been pretty good, of course in every community there are always a few people that can be, in the nicest way to put it not fun, but they only make up a small percent of gamers out there. I will say something I’ve noticed is that for certain games the amount of ‘not fun’ people can be larger, but I’m not sure why that is.

Do you think there’s a negative image of online gamers that is portrayed in the media?

I would say that there is a definite trend to generalise all gamers as the same outdated image of a white, nerdy guy with no social skills, who still lives at his parents’ house, and I’d say that’s a little on the nose to say the least. In my experience the gaming community is made up of a vast range of different people, the only thing I think we all have in common is that we like games.

If yes, what would you say to people that haven’t played?

To people who haven’t played, I think the easiest thing to understand online gaming is just to talk with a gamer. After a quick chat you’ll be able to see that were just normal(ish) people, who are usually nice…, unless you steal one of their kills, in that case prepare to be in a world of pain.

Do you think you’ll continue gaming online in the future?

Yeah, at least for a while, or until my friends decide to give up, it’s always going to be at its core a bit of fun.

Finally do you have any stories about online gaming/ interacting with others online that you want to share?

I remember one time, I was just walking along in game, and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a character in a tree. I was a little curious as to what they were doing, so I stopped to watch. After waiting for a while, I asked what they were doing, and I turned out they had only just started playing games and somehow got stuck in the tree and didn’t know how to get out.

This is The End


So it’s the final week of blogging for Digc202 and we’re looking at the internet of things (iot). So I guess to start off I’ll explain what I mean when I’m talking about the iot. The iot is about connecting any device that’s connected to the internet, from your phone to your toaster, and interacting with you and among themselves.

To show an idea of what a future of the iot looks like we looked at a concept video by Ericsson showing a guy interact with a bunch of the appliances in his house. I really like tech so it seemed like a pretty cool idea for the future, certainly it looked like a very comfortable lifestyle. After looking at hacking for two weeks though, I’m a little weary of that future concept. The potential damage someone would be able to do is scary, and it kind of makes me want to go and live in the wood hut in the middle of nowhere. My new life in the wilderness was put on hold though as I remembered a video I’d watched in which skilled hackers compared to trained martial artists. In both cases the chance that either of them is going to randomly attack me is highly unlikely.

Staying Digitally Clean


This week we looked at dark fiber, hackers, botnets, and cyberwar, and the examples that we looked at were huge things, like the hacker group LulSec who hacked companies like Fox, CBS, and Bethesda, and the Stuxnet the cyberweapon that infected thousands of systems.

I thought for this week I would look at the stuff that we were more likely to have to look out for  on the internet, in doing this I enlisted the help of someone who has worked in IT for over 30years, my Dad.

So whats the most common thing we should look out for?

The most common thing I have to deal with is spamware. So something will pop up, usually pretending to be antivirus software saying that your infected with thousands of viruses, and then once clicked will install their usually nonfictional antivirus software and charge you for it, and then they’ll request access to fix your computer and keep charging money for nothing.

So what can us normies do to minimise our risk of getting infected?

First off, if something pops up and you’re not sure if it something already installed, don’t click it. Other than that stay off porn and ware sites, there the worst for pop ups that will just start installing crap. There are always other ways to get your porn or your wares.

Also if someone Emails you and says they need your help with moving millions of dollars, don’t believe them.

A Hackers Life for me?


This was a funny week, I learnt about hacktivism and whistle-blowers, and as I read more articles and thought about the hacker ethics and I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have been a hacker in a past life or something. I don’t know what it is but all of the values and thinking around hacking just seemed to talk to me, free information and the game like thinking, it just sounds fun… I may have even gotten into an argument about Edward Snowden with someone.

It’s a shame that I have no Hacking skill at all though, or maybe it’s not. As hacking becomes more and more a thing and not just something that happens in movies like War games and the Matrix, people and governments are becoming more extreme when it comes to how they think and treat hackers.

Maybe I’ll just stick to blogging.