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Tuning In


What makes a good job? Is it having flexible work hours? Being able to do work your interested in? Having job security? Well  professors David Hesmondhalgh and Sarah Baker suggest that there’s actually seven features that make a good job.  In their book Creative Labour they write that the ‘Features of a good job’ are split into seven different traits: Autonomy, Interest/involvement, Self-realisation, Sociality, Self-esteem, Work/ life balance, and Security.

After reading about these seven features, I started thinking about the jobs that I wanted to go into. How would I know if they were ‘good jobs’. I have always had an interest in radio journalism, so to find out if radio journalism was a good job I went straight to the source and talked to some radio journalists.


Siobhan McHugh is an award-winning writer, podcaster and documentary-maker. With over 40 years experience in radio. Siobhan was very gracious and allowed me to conduct an interview with her looking her long history in the industry.


Elizabeth Jackson has worked for ABC radio for many years, and has a great insight into the ever-changing industry. Elizabeth also runs a class at the University of Wollongong that focuses purely on radio journalism.